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Joystick 2 Mouse is a program, which lets you control your mouse using your joystick. This program allows you to map your joystick's buttons and assign each button a command (may be a combination of ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, Fx, and any other character). This program also lets you control it's sensitivity, the joystick's threshold, the acceleration, and its polling delay. You can save and load different profiles, and set a "shift-button" that can let you assign two different commands to each button. And if that's not enough, you can also swap the joystick's Y and X axis (for some flight simulators) and select the joystick's ID you want to use.

BUT, there is a new version of Joystick 2 Mouse that moves the mouse much smoother, and in general, lets you configure things this program doesn't let you. The new version supports up to 16 Joysticks with 32 butons, 6 axes and POV each. You can go to the Info page here.

If you need help, or just want to get more information about it's features, go to the help page.

I think that this program is the best program of its kind :-).

You can get the installation of it here or a ZIP file containing the program without installation here and try it. It never expires and you can distribute it and use it as much as you want. And if you find it useful you can send me $20 US to keep me motivated. (Offer Atzitz, 40th Jerusalem St. Rishon-LeZion, Israel, 75323)

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