WhoWhat - A Program to help you keep track of things you Gave other poeple Or took From them.

לעמוד בעברית - לחץ כאן


This application lets you save the information about things you gave other porple or took from them.

It allowes you to enter the name of the person who took it ro from whom you took the item, you could choose the item type from a list,
and enter a more detailed desctiption of this item.


DISCLAIMER: In Any case - the author of this program, will not be liable for any problem that may occure as a consequence of using this program. The author will take no responsibility for any damage to data that could be cause from using / not Using / Abusing this program.

(By downloading you agree to the above disclaimer. You may freely distribute the program - as long as no money changes hands)


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This program was written using the SuperWaba Library, and runs the SuperWaba VM.

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